A Visit from the Public Health Institute

Blog 8


On Friday, we had the pleasure of hosting Christine Carabello from the Public Health Institute in Butare. Christine was staying in Kigali for the week for various meetings and to meet with GW and Lawrence’s GROW teams to get a better idea of what the internship consists of. Over lunch with Emmanuel, Epa, and Super Peter (the former director of initiatives), we spoke to Christine about what RVCP’s activities and initiatives aim to accomplish and about the facets of the RVCP-GlobeMed at GWU partnership. Throughout our discussion, she was very attentive and genuinely interested in what we had to say about our partnership. 


We continued our discussion after lunch at the RVCP house, where she asked us insightful questions about our prospective futures in public health, the long term goals of the partnership, and what we have learned from our experiences in Rwanda. In many ways, this was one of the best imaginable ways to begin the end of our trip, as we were able to reflect on what we have accomplished in two months, what we hope to accomplish in the coming years, and what both of these things mean for our professional futures as well as the future of RVCP. 


Afterwards, we were able to spend some time with Christine at Nzozi Nziza, our favorite ice cream store in town, and got to speak candidly with Christine about her previous travels, her time in Rwanda, and her work back home. It was a treat to be able to show someone else around town for the first time, as we’ve spent the past two months being escorted around Butare. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting with Christine and hope that our discussions provided a comprehensive glimpse into our GROW trip.

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