This morning, we went to visit the MHEP cooperative once again.  The potatoes have been planted, and have been growing very well since our last visit.  Today, the women were weeding and aerating the land.  Luckily with potatoes, in comparison to something like beans, constant attention is unnecessary.  So, the women are able to  meet regularly to water the potatoes and tend to the land without having to meet more than once a week. Much like the last visit, the cultivation process is well-organized and carried out in a methodical way.

After the work was finished, the director of RVCP initiatives spoke to the women about their current financial situation, specifically the cooperative lending system they’ve formed.  The women each donate a nominal amount of money each week, and can call upon the other women to receive a loan from the fund if something happens to their house or their family, for instance.  The women were discussing putting the money in a bank account, for transparency and accessibility, an idea which was well-received.


We plan to visit some of the women in their homes in the coming week, which should prove to be useful for assessing the current and future needs of MHEP.  Stay tuned for more updates about the home visits!

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