Wire Transfer Success!!

Anyone who is in GlobeMed at GW can tell you about the trouble we’ve
had over the past year with wiring money from our account at GW to
RVCP. I am overjoyed to report that as of this week, we have
successfully transferred the necessary funds to RVCP for the
organization’s operations for this summer and for the Fall months. We
are incredibly grateful to our donors and supporters who have helped
us to be able to work with RVCP’s initiatives and Maternal Health
Education Program.

This week also marks the final period of final examinations for
students at the National University of Rwanda and already we have had
more opportunities to work with RVCP members now that they have
finished their academic year. I would like to personally thank those
RVCP members who were kind and thoughtful enough to continue to
volunteer with us at MHEP, Let Little Children Come to Me (LLCCM), and
at the Football Tournament for the HIV/AIDS awareness initiative
during the past week despite being in the midst of taking their final
exams. Alex and I find this so remarkable as we would have incredible
difficulty getting university students in the U.S. to volunteer their
time during such a stressful period. We look forward to what promises
to be the most productive part of our trip thus far as we can focus
solely on RVCP operations with its members during their summer

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