This weekend was very eventful for Melissa and I and included many RVCP initiatives and activities.  On Friday evening, we were able to attend the annual football tournament for HIV awareness, sponsored by the RVCP’s HIV awareness initiative.  Both of the teams played well and were competing for the grand prize of 15,000 RWF (about $25). The afternoon included HIV awareness and prevention education along with discussion among the spectators of the match.

On Saturday, Melissa and I were able to visit the Let the Little Children Come to Me (LLCCM) orphanage for the afternoon.  We were welcomed warmly once again and were able to play with the children and watch the skits and songs they had prepared.  Finally, on Sunday, we held the fourth MHEP session. Despite the passing rainstorm, the session was very highly attended.  The women learned of different contraceptive and family planning methods and ways to implement such methods. They engaged in a small-group discussion and settled many misconceptions regarding contraceptive methods.

Overall, the weekend was very productive and gave us a diverse view of the many initiatives run by RVCP.  We hope that the remaining MHEP sessions will be equally successful and instructive!

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