GlobeMed Chapters Collide!

Yesterday, we traveled to Musave, about half an hour outside of Kigali, to visit Gardens for Health International (GHI) and the GROW team from GlobeMed at Middlebury. When we arrived at Gardens for Health, the Middlebury GROW team introduced us to the staff at GHI, a dedicated team consisting of a mix of local Rwandan community leaders and ex-pats. We toured the gardens at GHI, getting a chance to learn more about all of GHI’s projects in their efforts to fight malnutrition and maximize the efficiency of the land use and livestock. GHI does so by both providing the necessary resources to the local families who work with the organization as well as holding education sessions for them.

While we really appreciated the opportunity to learn about the daily operations and goals of GHI, the best part of our visit was getting to eat lunch, cooked by the local mothers who work with GHI, with the Middlebury GROW team. In true GlobeMed fashion, our common goals and perspectives on global health helped us to connect instantly. We talked for hours about what we each thought of our time in Rwanda, about our projects, about our chapters back home, and enthusiastically agreed about how much we’ve been enjoying our GROW experiences, all while sitting on a plank in the middle of their beautiful farm, overlooking the scenic hills. Our only regret was that we couldn’t spend more time together because Middlebury’s GROW team is soon to return home to the U.S. However, we look forward to spending time with Hannah and Anna, two members of GlobeMed at Middlebury who are working on a GIS project with the local families in the GHI community.

It was so rewarding to spend an afternoon with fellow GlobeMedders as it gave us the perfect chance to reflect on our project, our trip, and our time in Rwanda as students wanting to make a difference in global health.

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