Number Crunching


Last Sunday’s Maternal Health Education Program (MHEP) session was our third of ten, the focus was nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Like the previous session, we tried to foster a small group discussion in order to actively involve the women.  This proved very useful and helped in clearing up some common misconceptions some of the women shared regarding nutrition and breastfeeding.  We’re really happy to see the instant success of this new small-group dynamic and hope that it will prove useful in the long run as well.

Also this week, we’ve begun inputting the data from the entry surveys we asked the women to complete before the first session.  The data has been very interesting to see so far, with some surprising figures in respect to the demographic and social data. Once we can translate some of the more free-response questions and verify all of the data we should see even better results.  More info to come on that front later in the summer once we have the exit survey data to compare with!

Overall, MHEP has been going very well, we hope to continue this exciting curriculum in the same manner. That’s all for now, stay tuned for more MHEP and GROW updates!

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