Summary of Our Work So Far

Since Alex and I have had a lot of free time this week due to the Final Exam Period at the NUR, I thought it would be a good idea to use this week’s blog to write in detail about what we have accomplished and what we hope to accomplish from this GROW trip. This summer, Alex and I have given a few workshops for RVCP members about various tools that we use for GlobeMed at GWU. These tools include Google Apps (Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, Google Calendar, and Google Forms) as well as Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Blogging). While many RVCP members are familiar with these tools, we thought it would be useful for them to learn about how they can be used as promotional tools for an organization. For instance, we talked about how we use Google Apps to help organize our chapter and discussed how Social Media is a great way to promote fundraising as well as publicize events and campaigns. Alex and I are also going to give workshops about Global Giving and Grant Writing after NUR exams have finished. From these workshops, we hope that RVCP members will be able to improve their fundraising strategies and, in particular, work closely with GlobeMed at GWU’s Grant Writing Team during the school year. In addition to these workshops, we will be working closely with RVCP’s Coordination Committee, analogous to GlobeMed at GWU’s executive board, to develop the Memorandum of Understanding for the 2012-2013 academic year and to continue to improve the Monitoring and Evaluation Methods used for MHEP.

So far, we have successfully completed two MHEP education sessions, during which we have educated the 40 mothers involved in this year’s program about risk factors during pregnancy and healthy, hygienic food handling. We have also distributed and collected consent forms, one copy in English for us and one copy in Kinyarwanda to keep in the Rukira clinic in case any of the mothers wish to review what they have signed. In addition, we distributed the entry survey during the first session so as to measure how the women are learning during the program as a whole and to collect initial data about each of the women, such as their age, how many children they have, etc.

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, our primary focus with MHEP this summer is to develop a sustainable and more permanent method for monitoring and evaluating MHEP so we will be working on this with RVCP after their exams have ended.

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  1. We,RVCP thank GROW Team 2012 for their involvement in developing underprivileged people,especially,women of Southern Province of Rwanda-at HUYE. After our exams ,we RVCP Coordination Team will try our best to achieve many things with GROW Team including these workshops that will improve the fundraising strategies for the people interests.

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