Final Exams

This week marks the beginning of the Final Examination period for the National University of Rwanda (NUR) so Melissa and I haven’t had much to do. Interestingly, NUR exams are structured to include a period of secondary examinations in case students fail their primary exams. From what we have gathered from our friends in RVCP, these secondary exams are meant to give students a second chance to complete their exams successfully but are much harder, incentivizing early success during the initial examination period. Various RVCP members have also told us that if an NUR student does fail, they are likely to lose his or her scholarship from the Rwandan Government, meaning that the student is unlikely to be able to afford to return to school, so Final Exams are in some ways more stressful than those that we have taken at GW.

Since our friends in RVCP do not have time during the week to help us to see other initiatives within RVCP, we’ve been taking our time enjoying the town of Butare and strolling around the NUR campus. We even managed to return to the ice cream store in town, which also hosted an incredible view of the gorgeous valley near the NUR. We look forward to continuing the execution of MHEP sessions this weekend and to beginning our work with RVCP directors to develop the Monitoring and Evaluation Methods for MHEP and the Memorandum of Understanding for the 2012-2013 academic year.

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