Inner Workings of RVCP’s General Assembly

From the 2012 International Candlelight Memorial

This past Friday, Alex and I attended the last General Assembly of the school year as the National University of Rwanda begins their final exam period next week. This particular meeting was interesting because in addition to the customary directors’ presentations, where the director of each initiative reports on the past week’s events, the elections for the supervising council were also scheduled to take place. As Emmanuel described to us, the supervising council is a special body within RVCP, consisting of its own President, a Vice President, and Secretary, which is charged with overseeing the rest of the organization, including the coordination council, which consists of the central leaders of RVCP. The supervising council is also tasked with enforcing RVCP’s constitution.

Due to the upcoming exam period, the attendance at this meeting was about a quarter of what it usually is. Between this and the fact that some of the candidates running for positions on the supervising council failed to meet the requirement of having at least one year of active participation in RVCP, elections were postponed until the beginning of the following school year.

This decision was met by some disagreement from two RVCP members who were candidates for supervising council positions and the discussion got a little intense as they angrily protested to hold the elections. While this may seem like such a disagreement would have interrupted the solidarity amongst RVCP members, it actually elicited a call for an adherence to the spirit and purpose of RVCP from many members. It was incredibly inspiring to see the dedication and passion that the general body as a whole has for the organization.

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