Session One

On Sunday we held our first Maternal Health Education Program (MHEP) Session! The topic focused on risk factors mothers may encounter during pregnancy, including biological, environmental, and sociocultural factors. In addition to helping with the instruction itself, Melissa and I were able to administer an entry survey, asking women for their basic information, some demographic information, their current domestic situation (for example, if they feel that they’re valued in the household and the weight their opinion holds in household decisions), and their current knowledge of safe pregnancy practices. We hope to use this information as a comparison when the women will take a similar survey at the end of this year’s MHEP. In addition, we are in the process of developing a monitoring and evaluation system to follow the women as they continue to visit the clinic in the future. Hopefully with this longer-term approach, we will begin to collect quantitative data that can give a fuller view on the successes and weaknesses of MHEP. We can’t wait for next week’s session, which will focus on healthy eating. Judging from the first session, it seems that the women are eager and willing to learn, and are genuinely interested in the program rather than only being interested in the income-generating portion of the program.

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