A final visit to our favorite village

As the sun set in a beautiful shade of pink over the Huye mountains today, Carrie and I discussed how desensitized we’ve become to the sheer beauty of this country, and how much we’re going to miss it when we’re in America next week. Wednesday and Thursday morning of last week were spent amongst these mountains with the amazing women of our cooperative. Wednesday we visited them in the fields that we purchased for them last year. They were in the wet lands farming potatoes. The fields were in a flat valley surrounded by mountains that had dry fields, small houses, and every type of tree imaginable on them. Last year we also purchased 50 hoes for each of them women to use to cultivate, and we each got the opportunity last week to see how difficult it is to farm with them! Needless to say we completely understand now how all of the women here have arms comparable to Michelle Obama’s. Their work is truly impressive. Although we tried to help, we realized that we were probably just getting in the way because they are so efficient at what they do. It was so satisfying to see their adorable little children, all well-nourished due to their mothers’ hard work, sitting among the tall, wet grass as their mothers worked for next week’s dinner. And the best part is, all of the women seem to be great friends now!
This was even more apparent the next day, when we got the chance to visit the rest of the cooperative members at their houses. When our motor bikes pulled up to a small hillside village, we each removed our heavy helmets and met up with a few of the cooperative leaders and their children. They then led us down narrow, windy, hilly, rocky dirt paths toward their houses. We visited seven houses total, all of which were scattered across the hill amidst fields of sunflowers, sorghum, cassava, and banana trees. Although it required a LOT of effort for us to get from one house to the next without sliding down the little dirt pathways, the women led us effortlessly with a baby on their back, a child holding their hand, and some with baskets on their head. African women have impressed us more than I can even put into words. They truly are some of the strongest people–both physically and emotionally–on the planet. By thursday afternoon we were so proud and honored to be a part of these people’s lives. Although we can’t directly communicate with them due to language barriers, I know that I’ll miss them just as much as the friends that I have made in Rwanda. They’ve humbled me, shocked me, and in many ways inspired me to one day be a better wife, mother, and neighbor than I ever could have been without their presence in my life. I encourage you to continue following their progress with us on our GlobalGiving page once we leave Rwanda so that you, too, can be inspired by their incredible progress!

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