Hygiene Session!

Today we went with two RVCP members, Gloria and Innocent, to Nyanza Primary School to teach a session about personal hygiene to a class of ten-year-olds. The school is a five-minute motorbike ride away from the city.

As we entered the school grounds, we were greeted twenty or thirty excited students who had been on recess, and were escorted by them through the yard towards the school building. As we walked by classrooms, students opened the wooden window shutters, climbed onto benches and crowded their heads into the rectangular openings, smiling, reaching their arms towards us. We shook hands and high-fived all the way to our classroom.

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One Response to Hygiene Session!

  1. Susan Stewart says:

    I was moved to tears by today’s post. I’ll share it at my next faculty meeting in Vermont. Thank you. Thank you for the work you are doing, the connections you are making, the high fives you are sharing. This work is awesome!

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