Health Clinic Visit and Some Reflections

Since this is my first bog post for the GROW trip, I must make the obligatory comments on the beauty of this country. Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills is a lush, verdant paradise. Far from the typical images of the serengetti or flatlands of Africa that we typically see in America, this country is alive, abundant, and full of growth. The people here are even more remarkable than the land however, because of several unique and inspirational qualities. Perhaps it is the culture, perhaps it is due to a tempering of sentiment after the conflict of the 90’s, but whatever the cause, the people of Rwanda are a very mature, respectful, and kind sort of people. Carrying within themselves a sense of respect for themselves as well as the people and things around them, Rwandans are kind, thoughtful, helpful, and peaceful.

Monday’s adventures included a trip to the health clinic for which we have been raising money. It is here that the Maternal Health Educaation Sessions take place, and it is here that the newly built and nearly finished waiting room exists. In the small local clinic there are only a few rooms. Two are for consultations, one is for the laboratory, one is the delivery room, and there are two rooms with beds for convalescents. In addition to the main lobby, that is it. The walls are brick and exposed, lighting and water were installed only recently.

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One Response to Health Clinic Visit and Some Reflections

  1. Dear Jaishri,
    Your writing is beautiful. Your framing of the Rwandan experience for you and the stance the Rwandans present is striking. Thank you. Each of us can make a difference. I am deeply inspired by the work you GlobeMed people are doing. Thank you.

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