All our bags are packed. Bug nets, travel towels, malaria pills, sun screen, and passports. Not to mention clothing, brushes, two computers, fiber pills, and whatever else we thought we’d need in Rwanda.

We will arrive at 1:30pm in Kigali on Tuesday the 24th, and from there will take a three-hour bus ride down to Butare.

We are going to share this blog – and each day (Monday through Friday) one of us will write a post… Well at least that is the hope! It might take a little while to get into the hang of things, but we’ll try.

I guess it is Monday, so I’ll consider this one the first post.

For me, this trip has been a long time in the making. I knew I’d be going to Rwanda in May of 2010, so I’ve spent a whole year getting ready for this! And as much preparation as I have done, I’m still nervous. I’ve never been to Africa before, and I’ve never been on a trip like this. BUT that’s why, in part, I’m going. A new experience. A first – actually many firsts probably. First time packing travel toilet paper for one.

We’ll write more once we land in Rwanda. Just wanted to post something quickly to introduce our trip and the blog. Can’t wait to go tomorrow. Oo Ah Africa — all I’ll think about as I fall asleep!

Till next week,


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One Response to First.

  1. Nancy Nadig says:

    Safe travels to you all!! Thank you for sharing your experiences with your fans. Godspeed to you all. Love you, Katy!

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